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The NFP Resource website and newsletter are now published under the aegis of the NZ Association Resource Centre Trust (CC49299), NZARCT.

We are pleased to offer this site to provide co-operative support to Not for Profit (non-profit) organisations and charities in New Zealand and those considering establishing such bodies. To stay in the loop, subscribe to our newsletter.

The charity (nonprofit) sector in NZ is vibrant, diverse and active.  In June 2016, Statistics NZ stated that Non-profit organisations contribute $6 Billion to the NZ economy.  “More than 140,000 people work full time in the sector, which is equal to 5% of the New Zealand workforce. On top of this, more than 235,000 people volunteer their time each week for charities.” – DIA Charities Services newsletter Oct 2020.   

The sector’s numbers 2019-2020

The advent of the Charities Commission (now Charities Services, a part of the Department of Internal Affairs) in 2005 led to much discussion about not-for-profit organisations and a surge of registrations to become a NZ Registered Charity.

The introduction of accounting standards by the XRB and the subsequent requirement that Registered NZ Charities render a Performance Report to XRB standards as part of the Annual Return has generated considerable discussion and interest.

A Bill to amend the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 is moving its way (glacially!) through the legislative process having had its first reading in Parliament on 6 April 2021. It is referred to a Select Committee and submissions have been called for.  Likewise, consultation is currently underway into updating the Charities Act 2005.


Frequently Asked Questions About Not For Profit Organisations (NFP’s) in New Zealand.

We receive a number of requests for information about non-profit organisations and charities in New Zealand and their organisation etc.

In the hope that it may assist, we provide a number of responses to frequently asked questions (search for the topic or tag at right under ‘Posts’ or ‘Archives’)  based upon our experience. FAQ page.

As the government information pages change frequently there may be errors in some links. Please let us know of any mistakes or dead links you note in these.

NFP Resource and NZARCT cannot accept any responsibility for any information provided in this site. This information is provided in good faith and any errors or omissions are regretted. Please let us know of any errors you find.

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