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The meaning of true charity – 20 April 2018

SAFE to remain on the Charities Register – 20 April 2018

Non-traditional fundraising methods from One Percent Collective pulls in millennials – 12 April 2018

Internal Affairs investigating charity behind bizarre artificial intelligence system – 5 April 2018

Hamilton charity fraudster avoids jail after filing fake tax credits – 5 April 2018

What is a Charity? – 3 April 2018

Rebates scheme benefits charities and business – 22 March 2018

Charities board denies Greenpeace charity status – 21 March 2018 
The Charities Registration Board has again declined Greenpeace New Zealand’s application to be registered as a charity, saying the organisation does not advance exclusively charitable purposes. – 21 March 2018 

Social media campaigns secure $1million for Kiwi charities – 15 March 2018

‘Comprehensive’ review of Charities Act now underway, minister Peeni Henare says, as calls to change tax treatment of religious charities grow – 7 March 2018   See also

Opinion: The Flying Spaghetti Monster speaks – time to review our religious charity laws – 5 March 2018

Four-Day Working Week Trial – 4 March 2018

Applications open for new member of the Charities Registration Board – 21 February 2018

Two hundred million dollars going unclaimed by Kiwis – 21 February 2018

New Zealand aid charities have zero tolerance for abuse – 20 February 2018

Good in the Hood – Applications now open – 1 February 2018

Social Investment: A New Zealand Policy Experiment (media release) – 30 January 2018

Charity fraudster wrote own ‘thank you’ letters for donations – 24 January 2018

Nonprofits Are Bracing For Facebook’s New News Feed  – 18 January 2018 (see also this post on this site)

Warning to NZ Trustees Association Charitable Trust – 17 January 2018  (see also this earlier post on this site) and this comment quoting our principal

Cashless donation system set to help local charities – 9 January 2018

Whangarei Art Museum Trust has reporting exemption revoked – 6 January 2018

Bid to make Whanganui NZ’s social enterprise capital – 3 January 2018

Josie Pagani: Misplaced generosity hampers aid efforts – 2 January 2018

Just So Festival at Kaitoke just two months away – 21 December 2017

Destiny Church to fight Charities Commission in High Court – 20 December 2017

Hype about tinned tomatoes has raised the debate on giving – 19 December 2017

Comments rejecting tinned tomatoes ‘ill-judged’ – 15 December 2017

Supermarket chain makes sure no food goes to waste – 10 December 2017
See also

Destiny Church charities deregistered      
Destiny Church charities caught out by 2015 law change  – 22 November 2017
Charities Services Update   

Beauty plays part in charity – 20 November 2017

A Crowdfunded Chocolate Factory: Let’s Remake the Economy! – 18 November 2017

Bank interested in Whanganui-designed charity app – 11 November 2017

Cause Film Festival calling for submissions – 10 November 2017

Youthquest Kapiti into voluntary liquidation – 3 November 2017

Independent panel to decide whether Destiny Church charities stay tax-free  – 2 November 2017

Disabled Persons Assembly (DPA) have produced the first in a series of 3-5 minute Internet videos promoting the merits of disabled employees – 1 November 2017

Charities’ funding allocation rules under consideration – 1 November 2017

Governing for good: The joy and pain of not-for-profit governance – 31 October 2017

A new social enterprise sets sights on Christmas – 22 October 2017

Fundraising’s creativity teaches marketers a thing or two – 17 October 2017

Simon Draper: the power of social enterprise – 9 October 2017

Funding is not enough – charities need to empower people – 9 October 2017

Auckland community groups needing financial help get a hand from accounting students – 6 October 2017  <See Also>

Destiny Church confident charities won’t be stripped of tax privileges over late filing – 3 October 2017

Investigation into charity trust supporting Maori King sharpens focus – 30 September 2017 

‘Charity companies’ may seek new legal status and tax breaks for social enterprises – 26 September 2017

When charity does more harm than good – 21 September 2017

$1.6m stolen from church to fund gambling habit – 20 September 2017
(Editor’s Note: The final part of the article reads ‘SFO director Julie Read said Papu had full responsibility for the church’s bank accounts. “That authority to record transactions and reconcile bank statements allowed her to manipulate the church’s financial records and disguise her theft. The absence of any segregation of duties or oversight in respect of Ms Papu’s role created the opportunity for her to misappropriate the church’s funds.”  ‘ 
Trustees/Board members of charities and other non-profit organisations must ensure that there are checks and balances in all financial dealing)

How some New Zealand business make billions and pay no tax – 17 september 2017

Family First stripped of charity status – 21 August 2017 
Family First To Charities Board – See You Back In Court  
Family First launches High Court appeal against being stripped of charitable status – 26 September 2017

Tax refund rejections ‘a bit strange’ – 15 August 2017

Emma Espiner: NZ’s double standard on doing good – 10 August 2017

On The Nation: Lisa Owen interviews Judith Collins – 22 July 2017
No plans to make churches pay tax on business activities – Collins (video) – 22 July 2017 

New Zealand is not collecting enough tax – which is widening the income gap between rich and poor, a new report says   – 17 July 2017

Destiny Church doing ‘pretty poorly’ in filing annual returns as Charities Services considers new approach – 17 July 2017   
Exclusive: Charities watchdog may sharpen teeth as Destiny Church lags with annual financial returns – 17 July 2017             
Destiny Church founders move into new ‘resort’ home – 24 October 2017

Popular Thank You campaign is coming to New Zealand   – 17 July 2017

“Don’t Panic!” – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy  – 14 July 2017

Local Charities Encouraged to Apply for Share of $1 Million   – 13 July 2017                            The Trusts million dollar fund is back again

Charities look to blockchain to track aid   – 12 July 2017

New Zealanders give generously – almost $3 billion a year – but rarely talk about it    – 10 July 2017

Brethren charities worth $300m under investigation    – 8 July 2017

ARCHIVE – Items published prior to 1 July 2017