We recently heard of a company (SafeStack) which (they say) “helps tiny companies all the way to large MNCs improve their IT security posture.  However, we have found that many small companies, non-profits and charities, in particular, need security but don’t have the funding to look into it.”

Safestack are holding a free event on the 22nd November in Wellington to help small companies. charities etc acquire some basic security skills.  A recent blogpost on the SafeStack website explains why they are doing it. The post starts “Security is a growing area of concern for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but in the not-for-profit sector it’s often treated as something that you’ll get to eventually after you’ve saved the world.

Because charities and social good organisations are typically driven by volunteers, and work with the leanest of budgets, very few ever get round to securing their online world, yet an attack on such an organisation can have a devastating effect.”  <Read the full blogpost here>

Event: SafeStack Security Big Day Out
Who: For all small companies, non-profits and charities
Where: Macs Function Center, Wellington city
When: 22nd November 2017  9.30am to 12.30pm
What: A free half day workshop for small organisations to acquire some basic security skills
Why: Because every organisation that’s connected to the internet could do with simple, easy steps to protect themselves and their people.    <Register Here>

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(Not-for-profit has no connection with SafeStack and has not been paid to promote this event)