From time to time we hear of conferences that may be of particular interest to charities and non-profit organisations. We will feature some of them here. Please feel free to advise us of any conferences that you think may be of interest to our community.

Unless otherwise indicated, we are not directly connected with these conferences.


Featured Conference

All of us, together

Tātou tātou e! will focus on how we can build strong relationships. We’ll look at the interdependence of all of us to support wellbeing at all levels: individual, family, whanau, community and society.

27 – 28 August 2019, Wellington
Full details and registration


Better Boards Conference 2019

AuSAE LINC Conference

National Governance Conference

CLAANZ Conference 2020

  • Sustainability of charities and their work
  • April 30 -1 May 2020, Wellington
  • Details and EOI


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