A frequent enquiry we receive at NFP Resource is “Do you have a list of NZ Non-profits?”

          We do not know of any composite list of all not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand. However, a listing of all Registered NZ Charities (including those which have been de-registered) can be downloaded from the DIA Charities website. (Go to the search page on the website.

For a detailed list of charities and their purposes, areas of operation, contact details, officers, etc, select “Advanced Search” which allows you to search on various parameters and download the results as a csv file which can be opened as an Excel spreadsheet.)
Searches for individual trusts and incorporated societies can be undertaken through the website of the Registrar of Incorporated Societies, though we do not know of a way to download a composite list.

          The IRD website allows you to download a list of donee organisations (Enter ‘donee’ into the search box then follow the links.)  However, this only gives you the names of the organisations concerned, with no other details, so a second search in the Charities or Registrar’s website will be required.  

          If you are not familiar with computers, NFP Resource may be able to assist for a small fee.  <Contact NFP Resource>