We are finding it difficult to find sources of funding for our non-profit. Can you provide any advice?

In the current climate funding is difficult and charities are often in competition with each other for the relatively limited funding available.

Sources you could consider include:

FUNDVIEW   A subscription service, but often available free through your local public library

GUARDIAN TRUST:  “Charitable organisations can view funding opportunities from discretionary charitable trusts administered by Guardian Trust on our website www.guardiantrust.co.nz.   Details of each trust’s background, objectives, and potential distributions are available on our website in the Philanthropy section under Applying for Funding. A Frequently Asked Question sheet is also located on this page, with information relevant to the application process.  Those open for online funding applications will have an attached online application form to be completed with all relevant information.

CHARITIES WEBSITE  A facility now allows a detailed filtered search to be made of the charities registered with the Commission.

Other funding bodies include (Google to find the URL):

  • Pub Charity
  • Southern Trust
  • Lion Foundation
  • The Trusts Charitable Trust
  • Portage Trust
  • Lottery Grants
  • Community Organisation grants scheme
  • Your local Commnunity Trust (eg ASB Community Trust)
  • Sky City Community Trust
  • Acorn Foundation

Cause Marketing.  we recently learned of a new book on Cause Marketing which may be of interest, Reviewed here.