Potential Donee Status Shift?

Not-for-Profit came across this article in a recent edition of the Missions Interlink newsletter. Organisations which operate, or have an interest in operating, overseas need to be aware of this subject. The article is reproduced in full below and can be read in the MI newsletter here POTENTIAL DONEE STATUS […]

Demystifying Donee Status

RSM Hayes Audit have just published a useful article on ‘Donee Status’: Demystifying Donee Status: Donee status.  Most people will have heard of this concept in relation to charities.  But scratch the surface a bit deeper and one commonly finds a lack of any further knowledge, and some common misunderstandings.  […]


Frequently Asked Questions How do I register a non profit organisation? Check the following sites: Incorporated Societies: https://is-register.companiesoffice.govt.nz/ Charitable Trusts: https://ct-register.companiesoffice.govt.nz/ Registering a Charity: www.charities.govt.nz                                          Our consultant may also be able […]

Tax and Charities

(Updated 28 Sep 2019) If a non-profit organisation is registered as a Charity with DIA Charities, and has indicated during the application process that Koha/Donations will be a source of funding, it will be recognised by IRD as a ‘donee organisation’ and receipts for donations can be claimed as a […]

Tax and Charities

We receive a number of enquiries about tax matters for charities. Please use the search function – enter ‘tax’ . The main topics are considered in these previous posts: Honoraria and Taxing payments to volunteers Fringe Benefit Tax and Charities Registering so that donations are eligible for tax credits  -o0o- IRD […]

Why are we donating millions to the taxman?

Opinion – In the bible, Jesus is reported as saying “… Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s …” (Matthew 22:21). This is indeed a tenet that is applicable in this modern world –  though for ‘Caesar’ read government (in general) or ‘The IRD’ (in particular) as Christ was referring […]